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Digital Marketing: What is it?

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Ok, but let’s get to the Digital part …
For years, Digital Marketing has been considered a B-Series Marketing even in large multinationals that make Marketing itself their raison d’être.

The truth is that, like many people do not understand the usefulness of Marketing because they do not have the knowledge or conceptual tools to do so, the same “traditional” marketers could not understand the importance of digital levers because they did not have the tools to to do it. In most cases it is not a question of bad faith, it is a question of incompetence. It’s a bit like when the president of Fox in 1946 said: “Television will not be able to hold the market for more than six months, and people will soon get tired of spending their evenings looking inside a wooden box.”

Today the situation is very different and things are changing rapidly: if before Marketing was predominantly traditional and Digital Marketing was a small part of Marketing, now it is exactly the opposite, Digital Marketing is becoming mainstream and traditional marketing is shrinking in a niche.
This is happening not because Digital Marketing is cooler than the traditional one but simply because people spend more and more time connected to their digital devices and, because the task of Marketing is to get in touch with people, the Marketing activities must be carried out where the people are.

Furthermore, we should not forget the various technical advantages of the digital world such as greater scalability, replicability and greater traceability, but these advantages require a separate discussion.
Digital Marketing, therefore, is the set of activities that take advantage of digital channels to develop their commercial activities and build their own market.

We often use the terms Web Marketing and Online Marketing or Internet Marketing to refer to Digital Marketing. However, since the term digital can also refer to activities not necessarily performed online, I tend to consider Web Marketing and Internet Marketing as subsets of Digital Marketing. In my opinion, in fact, Digital Marketing encompasses all digital activities, not necessarily carried out online, such as SMS Marketing, which in turn is a subset of Mobile Marketing.

In practice, however, it is important to understand that we are not dealing with 2 separate distinct entities. Digital marketing and traditional marketing should not be considered as single units but rather as 2 parts of a single, which is precisely Marketing. In fact, to be successful, a good Marketing plan must be coherent and effective both in its digital and traditional forms.

This set representation could help you better understand what I mean.


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