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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Antonio Tresca and I am an Internet marketer dealing with Communication, Web Marketing and Online Advertising with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

I am a digital marketing professional with an international network, passionate about Innovation and Technology. In the past 8+ years, I ‘ve worked for several companies, from small local businesses to large multinational companies, in Italy and abroad.

I currently work as an Ads consultant and Program Manager at Google to help startups and companies define and structure winning communication, marketing, and Internet advertising strategies.

From an early age, I have always been fascinated by that point of intersection between Science, Technology and Art that acts as a link between my scientific side and my humanistic side.

This passion, back in 2007, pushed me to move to Milan to undertake a bachelor of science in Economics and Business Administration, after a high school diploma in classical studies, achieved in Benevento, my hometown.

After a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration and a Master of Science in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology at the Bocconi University, I concluded my academic career with some study experiences abroad, in the Netherlands, at Maastricht University, and in China, at Tsinghua University.

My professional career in Web Marketing began in conjunction with my Master of Science when, in 2010, when I resumed my HTML and CSS skills to start digital publishing project that culminated in a network of vertical blogs on different themes (Technology, Fashion, Football & Cooking).

In the meantime, I moved to Rome to work for an IT consulting and software engineering company where I dealt with Business Development in the Smart Cities area.

Subsequently, I worked for an editorial company where I contributed to defining the digital strategy for the launch of their online websites.

At the end of 2012, I came back to Milan as a Digital Intelligence Analyst in a multinational in the food sector, where I analyzed the online performance of the company’s several brands.

After this experience, I moved to a young and dynamic Digital Marketing and Data Intelligence agency, in Milan, where I had the opportunity to work with several corporations, as Digital Consultant and Key Account Manager. During this experience, I started managing Google AdWords campaigns with budgets of several thousand euros per month.

In 2014, I received an attractive job offer from Google, one of the leading companies in the world by market capitalization and decided to move to Wroclaw, Poland, as a Digital Performance Specialist.

The experience in Poland represents a real turning point for my professional career: I could finally confront myself in an international and challenging environment that allowed me to fully exploit my potential.

Even in this more stimulating and competitive context, I was able to shine and my career evolved towards the One-To-Many communication, leading me to get the role of Community and Social Media Manager for the Italian market.

In a short time, the promotion to Senior Community and Social Media Manager allows me to devote myself to global projects of wider scope and give vent to my interest in the Design User Experience (UXD): I get, therefore, my current role as a Gamification Project Manager in Dublin.

Outside the company context, I am also interested in finance (I’m a novice trader), music (I love playing guitar) and visual communication (Photo & Video).

In general, I am passionate about everything related to economics and communication and I try every day to cultivate transversal skills in these fields.

Over the years I have acquired some hard skills that have allowed me to distinguish myself in the professional field.

In particular:

  • Computer skills (Win / Mac / Linux, MS Office, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, CSS, SQL, Python)
  • Digital Marketing Skills (SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook, …)
  • Graphic skills (Video and Image Editing – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro)

At the same time, collaborations with different companies and companies have allowed me to refine some soft skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving ability
  • Negotiation
  • Assertiveness and emotional intelligence
  • Resilience and stress management

In general, I always try to maintain a balance between my soft and hard skills to grow at 360 degrees, both professionally and humanely.







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8 Agosto 1988

Hello World

Nasco curioso, a Benevento, in un caldo giorno di Agosto.

8 Agosto 1988
Maggio 2001

Primo Sito Web in HTML

All’età di 12 anni realizzo il mio primo sito Web in HTML: thebestofall.3000.it. Ai tempi non esistevano i Social Network e si utilizzava ancora MSN Messenger.

Maggio 2001
Luglio 2007

Maturità Classica

Conseguo la Maturità Classica al Liceo Pietro Giannone di Benevento.

Luglio 2007
Luglio 2009

Campus Abroad a Beijing

Visiting Student alla Tsinghua University seguo il corso di Economics of Globalization del professor Epifani.

Luglio 2009
Settembre 2009

Erasmus a Maastricht

Vengo accettato alla Maastricht University per un semestre di Erasmus durante il quale sostengo i corsi di Operations Management e Crisis Management.

Settembre 2009
Ottobre 2010

Laurea Triennale

Conseguo la Laurea Triennale in Economia Aziendale e Management all’Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano con una tesi sull’impatto dei servizi digitali nell’industria musicale. Relatrice: prof.ssa Cinzia Parolini.

Ottobre 2010
Settembre 2011

il mio primo network di Blog

Creo un network di Blog verticali su diverse tematiche. Il sito più importante diventa FocusTech.it che in seguito raggiungerà più di 8K visitatori unici giornalieri.

Settembre 2011
Maggio 2012

Business Development @ Eustema

Mi trasferisco a Roma per un tirocinio in Eustema, società di consulenza ed ingegneria del software, dove supporto il dipartimento di Business Development nell’identificazione di opportunità di sviluppo nell’area delle “Smart Cities”

Maggio 2012
Dicembre 2012

Laurea Specialistica

Conseguo un Master of Science in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology all’Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano con una tesi sperimentale sulle “Smart Cities” e sulla capacità delle città innovative di attrarre talenti. Relatore prof. Vincenzo Baglieri.

Dicembre 2012
Febbraio 2013

Giornalista @ Edimedia

Inizio una collaborazione per Edimedia SRL, casa editrice con sede a Benevento, durante la quale scrivo diversi articoli per Messaggio d’Oggi, periodico locale diretto da Danila De Lucia.

Febbraio 2013
Agosto 2013

Corso di Francese

Mi trasferisco un mese a Nizza per seguire un corso che mi permette di consolidare un livello intermedio di francese.

Agosto 2013
Settembre 2013

Digital Analyst @ Nestlé

Torno a Milano come Digital Analyst in Nestlé. Nel Dipartimento di Customer Engagement mi occupo di analizzare le performance digitali dei principali marchi della multinazionale svizzera.

Settembre 2013
Marzo 2014

Digital Consultant @ 3rdPLACE

All’inizio del 2014 divento Digital Consultant per 3rdPLACE una giovane società di consulenza digitale fondata da ex manager di Google Italia.

Marzo 2014
Luglio 2014

Account Strategist @ Google

Nel Luglio del 2014 mi trasferisco a Wroclaw, in Polonia, per lavorare come AdWords Account Strategist in Google.

Luglio 2014
Febbraio 2017

Biz Ops Program Lead @ Google

A Febbraio 2017 vengo trasferito nell’headquarter europeo di Dublino dove mi occupo di analizzare ed ottimizzare le operations sui canali di supporto 1-to-Many di Google.

Febbraio 2017